Nothing is more personal than our homes. Our homes are unique and express who we are. Landscape Architect and Master Gardener Tim Delorm begins each residential landscape design getting to know the client, their family, their home's unique qualities and how they envision using their property. TNDPA then customizes our services to meet client needs. We can provide a complete range of landscape design through construction supervision services from master plan preparation to intimate perennial garden planting. Whether it be a restoration or a new garden, TNDPA can assist you in designing your entry landscape, driveway, patio, deck, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, stonework, walks, walls, fences, garden structures, plantings, lighting and irrigation. In every project TNDPA seamlessly extends your living space outdoors drawing upon your home's architectural character and your personal design style to create a lush garden for entertaining family and friends. TerraNoble Landscape Design provides complete residential landscape design services throughout the New York metropolitan regions including northern New Jersey, Essex, Bergen and Union Counties. We have designed residential landscape projects in Bloomfield, Glen Ridge, Livingston, Montclair, Monticello, Summit, Verona and West Orange.


Niblo Cabin at Emerald Lake

Thompson, New York
Client: Kevin & Susan Niblo

The Niblo Cabin at Emerald Lake's design is inspired by the natural bluestone rock outcroppings of the lower Catskills. Indigenous boulders and bluestone slabs were set in place in a series of terraces. Guests park roadside and arrive at the cabin by ascending stone steps to the table rock at the top of the garden then gracefully descend to the entry patio. The outcrops height is accentuated using evergreen shrubs.

Plant materials were selected for their deer resistance and hardiness. A variety of dwarf evergreen form the backbone of the garden. A broad array of perennials favoring lavender, pink, white and yellow were selected based on owner preference. Forest Pansy Redbud and Red Flowering Dogwood will bring in the spring as the perennials emerge. As the season progresses Alpine Aster, Dianthus, Coreopsis, Scotch Heather, Echinacea, Lavender, and Verbena among other specimens will extend the bloom.

Designed as a second home the cabin landscape is designed to minimize maintenance. In place of consumptive lawn river stone and pea gravel are used as groundcover to create a creek side appearance. All planting are drip irrigated and nightscape lighting is provided to add evening interest.


Catskill Rock Garden
Perennial Garden Detail
Dry Creek Bed Garden
Rock Terrace Steps

Tallmadge Deck & Patio

Verona, New Jersey
Client: Allin & Libby Tallmadge
Contractor: Martin O'Boyle Landscaping

The new Owner's property was handsomely landscaped however it lacked a focus for outdoor entertaining and relaxation. The landscape design includes a mahogany deck and bluestone patio with brick border. In order to create a graceful transition from the kitchen to the patio, grades were raised one foot to minimize the number of steps.

The simply rectilinear geometry of the deck compliments the Colonial home. The corners are angled at forty-five degrees to focus on garden views. The deck provides seating and grilling areas. A handsome vertical board skirt finishes the sides of the deck while preventing wildlife from seeking refuge beneath.

The angled corners of the deck dovetail into the curvilinear patio below. The arching form orients views from distinct dining and lounging areas outward to the garden. A fourteen foot by eighteen foot oval patio provides a generous seating area for up to twelve guests. Chaise lounges, a fire pit, and planters with seasonal color adorn the patio providing comfortable areas for sunning and enjoying company.

Mahogany Deck & Bluestone Patio
Mahogany Stair Detail
Dining Patio
Mahogany Railing Detail


Kay Residence Deck and Patio

Glen Ridge, New Jersey
Client: Ric & Spratley Kay

Landscape Architect Tim Delorm designed a four season outdoor room for the family's enjoyment and entertaining. The Mahogany deck is divided into two areas; a dining area adjacent to the kitchen and a planter affords privacy to the trellis-covered redwood soaking tub. Railing details were inspired by the home's fanlight elliptical windows.

The thermal finished bluestone patio sits fifteen inches above the lawn to create a gradual transition from the deck. A strongly geometric pattern of border stone around an angled field of bluestone creates a classic paving pattern. The focal point of the patio is a Chardonnay Ledge Stone fire pit with seat walls capped by rainbow stone. Two ledge stone pillars frame the broad bluestone patio steps to the lawn area.

The deck and patio are framed within a Stewartia and lavender Crape Myrtle alee. Arborvitae, Rhododendron, Delaware White Azalea and Lily-turf form the evergreen backbone of the garden. Seasonal interest is added with perennials including Fountain Grass, Astilbe, Hosta, and Autumn Joy Sedum.


Mahogany Deck, Trellis & Patio
Redwood Soaking Tub & Trellis
Cultured Stone Patio Pier
Mahogany Handrail Detail


Alix Residence

Glen Ridge, New Jersey
Client: Michael & Anne Alix
Planting Design: Mierop Design • Contractor: Terra Graphics, LLC

The landscape design draws its inspiration from the Alix's stately Tudor home. The home sits prominently atop a rise at the end of a Belgian block lined drive. A brick and brownstone wall delineates the edge of the driveway leading the visitor into the property. A walled auto court paved in antiqued, tumbled gray pavers graciously organizes the homes entry and service functions, while creating an old world elegance upon arrival. The basement entry and trash areas are handsomely screened by brick and stone walls with the later entered through a solid dark oak gate.

The sunken patio courtyard is entered through a garden walk lushly planted with ornamental evergreen shrubs, grasses and perennials. Brownstone and brick are stacked to recall the home’s primary building materials and capped by a sturdy brick cap.

Located off the kitchen dining nook, the patio is the focus of family and guest entertaining. The primary paving material is rustic bluestone bordered by brick with turf insets to create a garden tapestry underfoot. Surrounded by garden walls, accented with storm lanterns and potted plants the overall character is one of comfort and repose.

Garden Patio
Brick Walk
Garden Entry
Brick Garden Wall & Lamp


DeFilippis Residence Patio and Landscape Design

Glen Ridge, New Jersey
Client: Pierre-Jean & Beverly DeFilippis
Contractor: Martin O'Boyle Landscaping

The design approach borrows liberally from the Craftsman style detailing of the home with its stucco exterior, deep front porch and articulated roof rafters. A grand stucco stair with intermediate landing and ornamental iron rail inserts graciously transitions from the kitchen door to the patio. The "L" shaped stair turns and focuses the eye on a Clematis vine covered arbor gateway to the patio from the driveway.

The antiqued tumbled paver patio is embraced by stucco seat walls on two sides and a broad stair leading to the garden. A wood burning fire pit is the centerpiece of the patio's lounge. Dining for up to ten is provided under the shade of Paperbark Maple trees.

LED landscape lighting creates depth in the nightscape and Craftsman style lanterns adorn the arbor and staircase. Rhododendron, Yews, and Doublefile Viburnum form the backbone of the garden. Seasonal interest is added with perennial Hidcote Lavender, Japanese Forest Grass, Fountain Grass, Astilbe, Lilly Turf and Autumn Joy Sedum.

Tumbled Paver Patio Under Construction
Arbor Entry & Stair
Patio & Arbor Detail
Cedar Arbor & Stucco Stair


Gerber Residence Patio and Landscape Design

Upper Montclair, New Jersey
Client: Robert & Nancy Gerber
Contractor: Martin O'Boyle Landscaping

TNDPA created a lush garden setting for outdoor entertaining and relaxation. The front yard creates a woodland clearing with flowing beds and three season color using deer resistant plant materials.

A bluestone walk, lined with low voltage LED lights, gracefully leads to the front door beneath Redbud and Okame Cherry trees. A rich carpet of perennials provide color from spring to fall with Hydrangea, Japanese Maple, Chocolate Ruffles Heuchera and Nepeta providing summer interest.

The design for the backyard creates three terraced outdoor rooms to give structure and a sense of intimacy to the yard. A shade pavilion with Colonial detailing creates a cozy setting for reading and entertaining.

Robustly scaled snapped bluestone walls define the patio. An allee of Okame Cherry trees enhance the sense of enclosure created by the walls. Otto Luyken Laurel, Twist and Shout Hydrangea, Delaware White Azalea, Dwarf Fountain Grass, variegated White Iris and other perennials create a graceful border to the patio.

LED night lighting was introduced to up light the Cherry Trees and a pendant light with dimmer softly illuminates the shade pavilion extending the use of the patio garden into the evening hours.

Front Yard
Enclosed Seating
Patio & Arbor Detail
Cedar Arbor & Stucco Stair