Great public spaces including urban plazas, town greens, village squares and streetscapes are the living rooms of the city, places where people come together to enjoy each other's company, to celebrate special events, to explore history and to advocate for important causes. At TNDPA we make visible the history and attributes of a city and its people as the primary driver for establishing brand and identity. Whether designing complete streets, signage and wayfinding systems, public spaces, bicycle and pedestrian amenities or street furniture we seek to create a specific character unique to your community. TerraNoble Design provides complete plaza and streetscape design services throughout the New York/New Jersey region.


Valley Arts District Open Space Master Plan (In Progress)

Orange, New Jersey
Client: HANDS, Inc. & Valley Arts, Inc.

Community stakeholders shaped the public realm of their fifteen block, emerging arts district. The project was funded by Together North Jersey's Micro-Grant Program. The plan was developed in a series of workshops by the "Valley We Design" workgroup. During the neighborhood Discovery Tour "Idea Bubbles" were placed throughout the district suggesting potential uses for open spaces and photographs were uploaded to Instagram affording real-time sharing of the groups’ discoveries.

The workgroup established programming and initial design ideas for six valley open spaces. Each group presented their ideas and concepts for Scotland Road's gateways and underpasses, establishing a festival grounds, transforming the Memorial Park into a place for people, and creating new pocket parks along Valley Road.

TerraNoble Design refined and developed the design concepts around the theme of "Art at the Heart of Community". The final design recommendations centered on the concept that every element of the Valley's open space is a blank canvas awaiting the artist's brush, sculptor's chisel, welder's torch, and muralist's mosaic tile.

The Scotland Road gateway designs are recommended to employ artful sign totems, "Hat City" themed benches and colorful street tattoos to brand the district. Murals and mosaics are proposed to enliven the railroad underpasses. Script Writer's Pocket Park transforms a parking lot adjacent to Luna Stage into an outdoor dining and street performance space. A sister pocket park is proposed as a sculptural skate park with a Bicycle Skate Shop inhabiting the former gas station.

At the heart of the district is the transformation of Memorial Park into a pleasant people's park with movable cafe tables and chairs, game tables, asphalt chalk art canvases and space for Hat City Kitchen performers to bring their music outdoors. Fund raising and T.A.P. grant funding is underway to implement the Freeman Avenue Gateway.


Parachute Jump Entry Plaza
Mermaid Entry Plaza
Luna Forest Skate Park
B & B Carrousel


Merchants Gate Renovation

New York, New York
Client: Central Park Conservancy

Merchants' Gate at Columbus Circle is one of Central Park's four main entrances. The entrance, a visitor encountered when travelling north from midtown, was created "extend each citizen a rightful welcome." This 1913 Beaux Arts monument commemorates the sinking of the battleship Maine in 1898. Crowning the pylon is a gilded bronze sculpture of Columbia Triumphant in a seashell chariot pulled by three sea horses. Columbia signifies the United States' dominance of the seas. Supporting that claim are the allegorical figures at the pylon's base: Victory, Peace, Courage, Fortitude, and Justice.

The plaza was renovated and expanded to enhance the park's gateway and provide amenities for pedestrians. To define the plaza area a low marble seating wall was constructed behind the monument. The plaza was extended behind the monument to provide an area for relaxing in the shade of the mature Maple canopy. Decomposed granite dust was used to pave the area to enhance the root zone. Permanent marble benches and moveable chairs were introduced to enhance the plaza flexibility. A spiral basket weave pattern of bluestone and granite creates a rich paving pattern under foot.

Tim Delorm, Landscape Architect prepared the plan while at HOK, PC.


Merchant's Gate Plaza
Merchant's Gate Aerial Photograph
Plaza Painters
Maine Monument

Connecticut Convention Center

Hartford, Connecticut
Client: Capital City Economic Development Authority, Office of Policy and Management, and Waterford Group, LLC
Architect: Brennan Beer Gorman/TVS Architects

The Adriaen's Landing project establishes a new downtown entertainment district for Hartford. The 415,000 square foot Connecticut Convention Center, a 700-room hotel, and a mixed-use retail, entertainment and residential destination anchors the project.

The theme of the landscape master plan is "Riverfront Recapture". Through the creation of a series of interconnected streetscapes and dynamic public places, the plan reconnects Hartford to the Connecticut River waterfront. Olmsted Way was introduced to link the Wadsworth Athenaeum Museum of Art to the Convention Center. Visitors are welcomed by an iconic cast stone bridge at White Horse Hwy. that directs them to Columbus Blvd. The former service road has been re-envisioned as a grand pedestrian boulevard.

The Riverfront recapture theme is expressed in the design of the convention center plaza and landscape through the introduction of sculpted earthen mounds reminiscent of water rolling over submerged river stones.

Tim Delorm, Principal-in-Charge and Landscape Architect prepared the plan while with EDAW, Inc.

Convention Center Nightscape
Riverscape Earth Sculpting
Honey Locust Garden
Convention Center Entrance


GTE Headquarters Entry Plaza

Stamford, Connecticut
Client: GTE Corporation
Architect: Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum, PC

In 1973 Architect Victor Bisharat designed the GTE Headquarters over a parking garage. Visitors entered the building through the garage at a time when Stamford was not an walkable city. GTE decided to create an inviting public face on Washington Boulevard. The facade of the garage was removed to create a modern entry lobby.

The renovation created a public arrival plaza of equally modern style. Finely detailed in cut stone, custom metal fabrication and glass, the visitor was welcomed by a modern drop off and entry canopy. The arrival was defined with custom polished blue pearl granite and milled aluminum bollards emitting a thin band of light through narrow vertical slits onto the pavement.

The plaza garden sits in an alcove to the north of the lobby. The interior seating area and adjoining meeting rooms are provided views to the landscape of River Birch and ornamental grasses. During the shoulder seasons and summer months employees, visitors and the public are welcome to take respite on the garden's benches.

Tim Delorm, Landscape Architect prepared the plan while at HOK, PC.


Plaza Nightscape
Plaza Auto Court
Plaza Canopy & Light Bollards
Sitting Garden



Coney Island Steeplechase Plaza

Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York
Client: New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC)
Architect: Rockwell Group

Coney Island emerged in the late 1800’s as a seaside retreat. By the start of the 20th Century, glittering lights and thrilling amusement rides created a spectacle of invention, imagination, and innovation. The new Steeplechase Plaza reverses years of decline and matches the innovation and year-round playfulness that had defined Coney Island. The plaza is envisioned as a one-of-a-kind civic and entertainment space which will be anchored by the historically landmarked Parachute Jump and the restored B&B Carousel.

Entertainment and sustainability underpin the design. The plaza will include a skate park, family picnic area, the green roofed carousel pavilion, spray fountains, concessions, performance spaces, and permeable pavements. To capture the fanciful character of bygone days tile mosaic mermaid benches and colorful super graphic signage will animate the plaza.

Tim Delorm, Principal-In-Charge prepared the plan while at EDAW, Inc.


Parachute Jump Entry Plaza
Mermaid Entry Plaza
Luna Forest Skate Park
B & B Carrousel