Working collaboratively with the real estate development community and corporate clients throughout the New York/New Jersey region, TNDPA Professional Planners, Community Designers, Site Planners and Landscape Architects provide a full range of planning and design services. We are adept at preparing Development Feasibility Studies, Downtown Revitalization Plans, Comprehensive Site Master Plans, Site Specific Design, Commercial Landscape Design and guiding projects through the entitlement process. TNDPA provides services across a broad spectrum of project types including: Mixed/Multi-use Downtown Reuse and Redevelopment, Transit Oriented Development, Residential Communities, Retail Town Centers, Resorts, Casinos, Hospitality, Corporate and Speculative Offices throughout the New York/New Jersey region.


Tom's River Master Plan

Toms River, New Jersey
Client: Catellus ProLogis

The 1,217-acre master plan brings together many dynamic elements to create a unique sustainable live-work community on a former brownfield site. The plan is organized around forested woodlands connected to the Tom's River to create continuous habitat corridors for native wildlife. The ecological framework creates a continuous network of fitness and educational trails and parks linked to residential neighborhoods and the town center. Active recreation opportunities are distributed across the site to encourage active living.

The town center is the heart of the plan and features national retailers and unique boutique shops along Main Street. An exhibition center and hotel provide amenities for professional office space. A minor league hockey arena, a Cineplex and Sportsplex offer a range of entertainment options within the center. A boutique hotel caters to the guests of the nearly 2,000 mixed income residences in the neighborhoods surrounding the town center.

Tim Delorm, Principal Planner prepared the plan while at EDAW, Inc.


Main Street Rendering
EcoPark Rendering
Tom's River Master Plan
River Park Amphitheater rendering

Black Creek Sanctuary

Vernon, New Jersey
Client:Client: Intrawest Corporation
Architects: Minno & Wasko, PC

Mountain Creek Resort is a four season mountain destination created by Intrawest Corporation. Tim Delorm as Principal Landscape Architect prepared the master plan with 1,500 homes, hotels, a mixed-use retail base village and ski lodges.

Black Creek Sanctuary is the first phase consisting of 13-homes on 70-acres. The Adirondack style recreational community is connected by a series of open spaces, trails and bike paths to the main village. Key elements of the plan include a community park with cascading waterfalls, pools, hot tubs, barbecue area, fire pit, ice skating, lawn and gazebo, a boathouse, boardwalk and children's playground.

The plan restores the pond's ecology and re-establishes the indigenous landscape creating wetlands, meadows and forest. Native plant materials were selected to provide forage for birds and mammals.

Tim Delorm, Principal Landscape Architect prepared the plan while at EDAW, Inc.

Community Clubhouse & Pool
Village Green
Wetland Restoration
Bird Sanctuary Woodland Trail


Fort Monmouth Reuse and Redevelopment Plan

Eatontown, Oceanport, Tinton Falls, New Jersey
Client: Fort Monmouth Economic Redevelopment Planning Authority
Architects: CUH2A, FMG Architects•Engineers: Matrix Development Group

Fort Monmouth was designated for closure in 2011, resulting in the loss of civilian jobs. Reuse principles include job replacement, community center creation, establishment of an ecological greenbelt, enhanced multi-modal transit, and preservation of historic resources.

The plan proposes development of 6,500,000SF with the creation of a high-tech, communications, and green industry corridor. Mixed-use town centers are proposed in the host communities to promote healthy live-work-leisure lifestyles. A broad range of housing typologies are proposed. Plan attributes include open space for Monmouth County; provision of Veteran’s Health Care; public conveyance for civic uses; environmental remediation; and the creation of 6,000 blue collar and high-tech jobs. TNDPA is preparing design and sustainability guidelines. The Economic Revitalization Strategy and Community Impact Analysis result in net positive revenue generation for each of the community’s.


Fort Monmouth Master Plan
Oceanport Avenue Rendering
Tinton Falls Town Center Rendering



Lake Carvel Conservation Community

Pine Plains & Milan, New York
Client: The Durst Organization
Architect: Looney Ricks Kiss•Engineer: The Chazen Companies

Lake Carvel is planned as a conservation-based residential community in New York State’s Hudson Valley. The design follows a rigorous preservation approach maintaining both ecological resources and rural character. Rolling hills, forests, fields, vernal pools, and stream corridors have been delineated and preserved as an interdependent connected ecosystem.

Compact neighborhoods are located in the vestigial spaces within the ecological framework to avoid critical watersheds, respect stream and wetland buffers, and maintain the rural visual character. The plan embraces Hudson Valley architectural and landscape character while preserving contiguous habitats and the site’s inherent beauty. The conservation development approach preserves more than half the site’s 2,200 acres.

Tim Delorm, Principal-in-Charge prepared the plan while at EDAW, Inc.


Lake Carvel Master Plan
Ecological Framework Plan
Rural Character Framework Plan



Tuxedo Reserve

Orange and Rockland Counties, New York
Client: The Related Companies, Inc./R-H Tuxedo Development, LLP
Architect: Robert A.M. Stern Architects •Illustrator: Michael McCann

Tuxedo Reserve's environmentally rich and topographically challenged 2,400 acres is being planned as an 1,195 unit mixed-use residential community. Nearly 80 percent of the site will be preserved as open space and undisturbed wetlands and woodlands. The development plan balances neighborhood design with conservation of critical wildlife habitats, wetlands, critical slopes, and wooded ridgelines.

Designed using traditional neighborhood planning principles and keeping within the vernacular of the Hudson Valley traditional villages Tuxedo Reserve is comprised of neighborhoods with a range of residential typologies. The program includes a town center, school, public library, post office, fitness club, an extensive trail system, and a network of neighborhood parks.

Guidelines for ecologically-sound construction practices, roadways aligned to allow seasonal salamander migration and housing layouts clustered to maximize natural watershed flows are key sustainable strategies within the design and planning approach.

Tim Delorm, Principal In Charge prepared the plan while at EDAW, Inc.


Neighborhood Nature Park
Village Green
Tuxedo Reserve Master Plan
Residential Street Character