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A Message to Our Clients

As of January 15, 2015, TerraNoble Design, P.A. will be wrapping up operations in New Jersey as we prepare to move to New York State. Since opening in 2009, we have had the privilege of working with an excellent group of clients. It has been a rewarding journey, and while it is never easy to say goodbye, we are excited about the future.

Our website will remain available to our existing clients until March 1, 2015 should you wish to contact us with questions or request a referral.

Thank you to all of our clients. We appreciate your support over the years.

- Tim Delorm, President       

Urban Designers and Landscape Architects dedicated to
Regenerating Community and Natural Systems

Our Approach

TerraNoble Design is founded on the belief that human habitation of the planet must move in a new direction. The future requires that we transcend making things more sustainable and develop integrated urban and landscape planning and design solutions that establish a symbiotic relationship between people and the natural world. A fusion of socio-economic, geo-political, planning, design, environmental and technical expertise allows our Landscape Architects and Urban Designers to envision holistic and innovative solutions in addressing the future.

TerraNoble Design comes to the table without preconceived notions about cities and landscapes. We work collaboratively and by actively listening to our client partners to reveal the unique character of place, assess the systems in play and generate one-of-a-kind integrated solutions. The outcome of our approach is more than solving a single challenge; rather it is the development of a fully integrated web of symbiotic relationships between people, place and nature that creates multiple value added propositions. Creation of multiple interrelationships and interdependencies results in strong ownership and advocacy, increased vibrancy and adaptive resiliency.

From vernal pool to watershed, community garden to city-wide vision, TerraNoble Design's urban design and landscape architectural work addresses a range of scales and purposes in the regeneration of natural systems and human settlements.

Who We Are

TerraNoble Design (NJ certified SBE) is a Professional Association founded by Landscape Architect and Professional Planner Tim Delorm and comprised of a collaborative network of naturalists, educators, economists, architects, urban designers, landscape architects and land use planners. We have partnered based on shared values and a commitment to create regenerative solutions that exceed your expectations.

Our Services Include

Community Outreach

Landscape Architecture

Master Planning

Plaza & Streetscape Design

Residential Design

Public Parks & Garden Design

Transit Oriented Development

Urban Planning & Design